What is the actual Easter story that Christians believe? What is at the heart of the astonishing claims made about Jesus, that Christians have put their faith in for 2000 years

Amongst lockdown easing, bunnies and chocolate, talk like “Easter is new Christmas” (it’s actually much more exciting!), and Easter Trees (!?!)… perhaps there’s something more to it all – perhaps something life changing?

In the days leading up to Good Friday and Easter Sunday we’ll be posting a 5-10 minute video of readings taken straight out of the Bible – a short time each day to hear the old, old story (perhaps for the first time) that has the power to bring hope and transform lives.Don’t believe it? Got questions? Want to know more? Take a listen and let’s discuss together!

The readings are selected from all 4 of the historical biographies we have of Jesus’ life. The aim is to reflect on the last 36 hours or so that led up to Jesus’ death as we prepare for the glory and wonder of Easter Day.

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