I look forward to a day where our blog updates aren’t all about how to ‘book in’ to come to church; to a time when we will be able to have more than 30 of us in a room, where we can come closer than 2m to one another, to be able to sing our praise to God, and to sit without all wearing masks! Above all I look forward to when we can worship together with the aroma of fresh coffee in the background and the promise of cake to follow 🙂

For now though, we continue to meet in accordance with all the required safety guidelines (and we pray for our brothers and sisters across the border who have been forced to close their doors for public worship during the English lockdown this month).

To book in to come to Bethel, you simply need to visit Bethel_bedwas.eventbrite.co.uk or text/call: 07517 056247 – in either case we’ll need at least the names of those attending, a contact mobile and how many places you need. Although we’re not able to re-start our Sunday Club yet, children are so welcome!