It pays to plan ahead! It’s really important that as we begin meeting together again we do so as safely as possible – here is a handy list to run through before coming:


  • Neither you, nor anyone you live with, have symptoms of Covid 19 The usual symptoms include: breathlessness, high temperature, persistent cough, loss of taste and/or smell) 
  • Neither you, nor anyone you live with, have received a positive test result in the previous two weeks
  • Neither you, nor anyone you live with, are required to self-isolate for any reason 
  • You have not been to any of the countries on the UK quarantine list in the previous two weeks
  • You have made definite transport  arrangements for getting to and from church (at 3.55pm)
  • You have filled in the first page of the church survey (if you’re a Bethel regular) with all of your up-to-date contact information, permissions and and any important medical details. 
  • We are aiming to make the services family friendly. This might be a little difficult whilst we can’t run Sunday Club, so if you are coming with babies or children you may also want to bring activities for them. Noise is NOT a problem! 
  • You are able to bring:
  • A mask
  • A Bible
  • A pen/notepad
  • A bottled drink
  • A blanket (or warm clothes) if required
  • Pocket sanitiser/tissues/gloves
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