If you haven’t noticed yet, The Rock – our cafe and book shop at the bottom of Church St. – reopened this month. This has been a trying time for all local businesses and as a charity we are really glad to be able to open our doors again to support our village. We’re grateful for all the support and well-wishes from our regular and new customers.

Throughout the Covid-19 lockdown we have used The Rock premises as a base to distribute food and essentials to anyone who needs them and for any reason. We’ve delivered food parcels and collect medication for many who felt vulnerable or alone, those who had to self-isolate because of the virus, and those whose financial situation has put them in real need. We are always looking for ways to support individuals and families in need in our local community – the love doesn’t stop with the easing of lockdown.

Many in our village and the surrounding area are still suffering – often in silence. If that’s you, or if you know of anyone who needs support and help, we would love to offer whatever support we can – a friendly ear, a prayer, or something practical.

Pop in to say hi to Sonya and our volunteers, grab some lunch, or a cake and a drink, or say hi on our Facebook page.